Recreational Marijuana Petition in Oklahoma Just 20,000 Signatures Away From Threshold For November Ballot

Oklahoma Activist group Green The Vote said Sunday that it has received more than 104,000 signatures to get a constitutional question about recreational marijuana on Oklahoma’s November’s ballot, which means the group needs about 20,000 more.

The number of signatures in support of State Question 797 rose by more than 20,000 in the last week, according to the group’s Facebook page, where the numbers are announced each Sunday.

On July 8, the group had received about 81,000 signatures.

The spike in support came after the Oklahoma State Department of Health voted to ban smokable medical marijuana last week. Medical marijuana supporters filed two lawsuits Friday challenging the restrictions.

“I think it’s a clear message that the people here in Oklahoma are aggravated with what the health department did last week, and that they are stepping up and making sure that we get to address the constitutional amendment in November,” Isaac Caviness, Green The Vote’s leader, told the Tulsa World on Sunday.

Caviness has said the organization has more than 1,400 volunteers promoting state questions 796 and 797, which would enshrine the right to medical and recreational marijuana, respectively, in the Oklahoma Constitution.

The group reported about 94,000 signatures in support of SQ 796, the medical marijuana question.

Each initiative needs about 124,000 validated signatures to be approved for placement on a ballot because unlike SQ 788, they seek to amend the constitution, according to a previous Tulsa World story.

Green The Vote asks that those wanting to sign a petition do so by Aug. 1. The deadline for petitions is Aug. 8.

To find a location carrying copies of the petitions, go to bit.ly/potpetitionlocations.

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