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Women Say Cannabis Makes for Better Orgasms
Health Science

Women Say Cannabis Makes for Better Orgasms

In a small study published in the Open Access Journal Sexual Medicine, researchers led by St. Louis University School of Medicine OB-GYN and sexual health expert Dr. Becky K. Lynn show evidence linking female cannabis use with greater odds of having better orgasms and sexual intercourse. “We found that they […]

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5 Careers Created by Cannabis Legalization

Six years ago recreational cannabis use was illegal in all 50 states — and had been for nearly a century. Following the 2018 midterm elections, anyone over 21 will soon be allowed to legally consume marijuana in 10 states plus the District of Columbia. Overall, 33 states in the past […]


Cannabis Has Been Legalized In 10 States And Washington DC

In 2012, Colorado and Washington state became the first states to vote to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. Since then, eight more states and Washington, DC, have followed — although Vermont and DC, while allowing marijuana possession and growing, have continued to bar sales for recreational purposes. The spread of […]