Tech Advancements That Are Changing The Cannabis Industry

As tech gets more savvy and cannabis continues to flow mainstream, advancements will follow. From cashless payment systems and cannabis vending machines to tracking cannabis by adding information to it’s DNA, we have only entered the Golden Age of Cannabis.

The cannabis industry is unfurling fast and part of its momentum is due to the tech world’s involvement. There are applications and sites now that streamline cannabis businesses to the max — for now. As tech gets more savvy and cannabis continues into the mainstream, further advancements are sure to follow.

So far, 30 states and the District of Columbia have legalized either medical marijuana or full-on recreational. With this rapid expansion has come opportunities for tech innovators. Now more than ever, cannabis is being monitored from seed-to-sale and that trek requires meticulous tracking and organization.

With the federal status of Schedule I still looming, there are still hurdles, especially for uniform tracking and quality assurance. So far, there are variances from state to state, but that’s also not necessarily a bad thing. It’s state’s sovereign rights that have gotten the cannabis movement as far as it’s come. That and a lot of love and hard work from activists and advocates who will always be remembered.


We’ve moved away from the outlaw culture that brought us here and are moving at a rapid clip toward regulation and compliance. Not only do they lend that extra boost of legitimacy to the movement on a broader scale, they also provide for safer, cleaner medicinal and recreational pot.

Regulation and compliance may be high on the list, but they are in the company of topics that are largely agreed upon for further cannabis advancement. Tracking seed to sale not only tracks and forces accountability, it also keeps drug cartels from having a hand in any of the processes. It keeps teenagers at bay and provides a safer approach.

Soon, dispensaries, grow operations, processing facilities, delivery services and every other aspect of the marijuana industry are going to be basically controlled by tech. Now is the race to find the best and brightest apps, sites, databases and programs to keep the market fluid, honest and impeccably in line.

We have a lot to owe to the Wild West way of doing things that got us most of the way here, but it’s time to batten down the hatches and let tech lead the way to a sustainable future in which cannabis holds the respect and accountability of the major industry that it already is.

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